Friday, March 11, 2016


My bookshelf style, in haiku because haiku* are mercifully short, unlike novels:

Random objects used
as book-ends.

Non-existent or obscure.
Classics, fantasy.

(Someone had to provide a place in the world where a Brent Weeks novel snuggles up against the Ad Herennium, Plato touches Mockingjay, and Austenland calmly sits beside Hamlet.)

*This is the proper plural form.  I checked the OED.  And the OED knows.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Link Round-Up

A glimpse into my ramblings amongst the twisting paths and strange by-ways of the internet. Perhaps you'll find something useful.

The Truth about Medieval Cloaks
Turns out everything I thought was wrong and life is all about the cloak pin. The website is mildly unreadable because they made the poor design decision to make the background black and the text white, but their concise and wonderful information on cloaks is worth seeing floating text in your peripheral vision for the next several hours.

Keeping Warm in the Middle Ages
Another informative but blindingly white on black blog post about how to stay warm without central heating. Apparently wearing a blanket as a cloak is an acceptable solution. In case you were wondering, there may be a spot of cold weather in my WIP.

Lessons from the Terrible Writing of Eragon
Skip this one if you're a devoted Paolini fan. Honestly, I found it both cathartic and informative. All the vague unease I feel about the prologue finally explained at a sentence by sentence level. What joy!

What Writers Can Deduct from Taxes
My curiosity has a practical side as well, you see.

How to Add Whimsy to your Garden
I aspire to one day have beautiful, whimsical garden decorations. I'm going to start with trying not to kill my six anemic annuals or my one brave orchid. We'll work up from there. Meanwhile, I look at pretty pictures.

Deviled Eggs
A selection from my quickly expanding collection of recipes that use up a dozen eggs in one go. We like our deviled eggs chunky, so there is some chopping involved in these rather than the convenience of just tossing everything into a food processor. I would recommend adding more pickles than the recipe calls for and I used smoked paprika for a little extra zip.

the painting "spring" by John Waterhouse
"Spring" by John Waterhouse