About Us

We share a college, a suite, and as you have discovered, a blog! 
Having met on a fateful trip to England and discovered we were both writers, we were friends as soon as Tyler-Rose stopped being terrified of Susan and Susan was satisfied as to Tyler-Rose's bathing habits. 

Tyler-Rose Counts has numerous works in progress, including a YA fantasy novel which she is currently calling THE ROAD BENEATH THE CITY for lack of anything better. She is getting her major in English and a minor in Graphic Design. She enjoys strawberry rose champagne tea and having so many books on the floor that crossing the room becomes treacherous adventure.
Susan Francino is hard at work on her YA Fantasy, THE MADMAN'S CROWN.  When she's not writing, she can be found earning her undergraduate degree in Latin, taking all the English, Philosophy, and History classes she can cram in on top of that, and removing more books from shelves than she could ever read.  She enjoys travel, tea, and dancing of all sorts, including the sort required of those who walk across Tyler-Rose's floor.