Susan and Tyler-Rose switch off writing sections of the story
in an epic collaboration that has produced
an epic story.

A beautiful girl, a handsome stranger,
flying horses, a dragon with the flake,
And an evil Order that is plotting to undo them all.

Part I  In which we meet our heroine and our heroine meets a handsome stranger and a villain.

Part II In which our heroine is rescued from grave peril.

Part III In which our heroine's rescue turns into a kidnapping.

Part IV In which excellent blackberry pie is consumed and the handsome stranger almost explains.

Part V In which our heroine's brother makes a scene and the handsome stranger rescues them again.

Part VI In which our heroine's brother tastes a Night Whiskey and the handsome stranger almost explains.

Part VII  In which a strange creature appears and our heroine discovers a long lost relation.

Part VIII In which our heroine learns of the Dripping Ledge.

Part IX  In which our heroine remembers.